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Business Technology Management
Kris Gerhardt

MB 109 SPECIAL TOPIC: STORYTELLING Why are stories important? • We learn from experience? Ours and others • Stories create messages Learn to communicate messages • Stories entertain They teach, inspire, basic communicative tools for leadership, good leader tell good, proper stories • Essential tool of leadership We tell ourselves stories (doing something then later thinking about what you did is the beginnings of storytelling’s) Story telling like a leader • Authentic leadership emerges from stories • Goals of leadership Share knowledge, teach, inspire, motivate Build credibility and trust – if you don’t trust your leader, their ability to lead is diminished Build a brand • Longevity Sense of purpose Villain, hero (followers need someone to solve a problem); awakening Opportunity for transformation (real or implied) – realized you could do something or realize that what you’re doing has an effect. If you didn’t transform the way people act or think, the story wasn’t effective How stories can help • Stories reach beyond culture, age, profession How will you communicate? • Self-disclosure – telling something about yourself, telling a story is an effective way of doing it • Disclosing failures MAY have paradoxical effect The need to belong Brings leaders down to the same level as followers • Never underestimate the power of connectivity • Problem solving strategy – be approachable Stories with impact • Start with icebreaker Line or phrase • Self-deprecating opening Don’t say a knock about you too many times and make sure it’s not too bad See self-disclosing • Heroic story Starting off as the hero may do the opposite – diminish your trust, credibility Bragging
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