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Lecture #2-Business Intro -Course Model -Critical Success Factors

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Jim Mc Cutcheon

September 21BU 111Lecture 2online lab regThursday 7amneed iclicker for first labprep for lab read What is a Case Lab Manual Joe McBrine Case discuss case using format from What is a CaseNOT necessary to write the case up for submission to TA this is a demo casejot some thoughts down to facilitate discussionJim posts slides after classes530forces you to take good notesdont rewrite slides youll already have itexpand on bulleted points He could spend 5 mins on 1 pointall exam questions are based on things discussed in lecturessummaries of lecture material will be up when we come to classcopy it down Helps organize studyingBusinessDefn The sum total of all activities involved in the creation and distribution of goods and services for private profitPrimary Activities of Business ALL activities can be primary functionsCREATION operations production other primary function or DISTRIBUTION marketing 2 primary reasons why a business existsAncillary Activities secondary activities that dont create or distribute product but need to exist anyways such as accounting finance getting money HR the people IT legal etcProfit Motive makin mon
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