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Roopa Reddy

Communication Textbook key concepts: - 3x3 Writing Process - 4 Principle of business writing - Adapting to the Task and Audience… o audience focus, “you” view, conversation but professional, positive vs negative, courteous, bias-free language, plain language and familiar words, precise and vigorous words - Creating Effective Sentences - Drafting Powerful Paragraphs o Different paragraph plans, paragraph coherence LECTURE - Communication that “Sticks” - Chip Health and Dan Health - Novel What sticks? - Understandable, memorable, effective and changing thought or behavior - Trying to be persuasive - Urban Legends (story) -> interesting and easier to remember Are ideas born interesting or made interesting? - Anything can be made interesting by the way it is presented - The way they showed popcorn being unhealthy – physically showing people – truly affected people enough to make a change in their life - Six Principles of Stickiness o Simplicity -> core + compact  know the intent or goal must be clear  make meaning, make mantras -> force what your priority is  burying the lead -> burying the core message with details – BAD  use proverbs  simple but profound o Use Existing Schema – using peoples existing ways of thinking and knowledge – leverage what you already know e.g. explaining something based off of something people know about o Use Analogies  The show that pitches movies and explains them by relating it to other popular movies o Use Generative Metaphors  Changes behavior and perception  Subway – call their employees as ‘sandwich artists’  o Unexpected – grabs people attention  Gains your attention if it is unexpected  Causes surprise and spikes interests  They violate expectations because it is not what you expect  Nordstrom’s – train through stories  It changes people perspective of what they are supposed to do – unexpected as a new employee  Generating Interest and curiosity  We become more curious when there is opportunity to learn or gain knowledge – give people context to care and want to be interested e.g. ABC gained rights to broadcast college football – but people didn’t really care -- someone suggested showing fan and allow people to be connected to the city, fans and people around – give people context and it increased ratings o Concrete – clear about what you are trying to say  Making ideas clear  1 way – fill with concrete images  ‘Sour Grapes’ -> from a fable -- if you can’t achieve something than you assume that it wouldn’t have been worth it – you become bitter about it and tell yourself that it’s not a big deal to make yourself feel better  Brown eyes, Blue eyes -> a school teacher 1968 –Martin Luther King assassinated – explain prejudice  Hamburger Helper -> what is needed to bring the customers back o Convenience o Predictability o Took some flavors and complications away o Credible – do people believe you and trust you  Make them believe  We can do this by:  External -> having authorizes and experts , celebrities backing up a product – there could be anti-authorizes e.g. cigarettes and fast food  Anti-authority – the woman who was used in smoking commercials – she was killed from smoking
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