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Lecture 11

BU121 Lecture 11: Lecture 11 TD campus recruitment

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Laura Allan

Lecture 11 th Mar. 20 /17 Nancy moulday – TD and campus recruiter What’s different about campus recruiting?  Recruiting 6 -7 months before even joining  Timelines & cycles  Processes  Third-party relationships  Audience  Sampling (co-op, internship, summer)  Costs Conduct a campus recruiting audit  An assessment of all aspects of your campus recruitment efforts, resources, and history  Engages as many stakeholders, partners, and supporters as possible Employer branding and you EVP  Employer value proposition  Separate branding for campus and the TD brand  Why they come and stay o EVP:  Don’t assume you know what matters to your employees  Forcus on what makes you unique  Be authentic! Discover the stories – the legends in your organization Talent attraction  1) tell an authentic and engaging employer brand story o need to be interesting for people and be relevant  2) attract the right audience to hear it Are all employers the same? Yes until proven unique. Never forget to leverage on what you’re developing What is an employer brand?  Employer brand o An organization reputation as an employer  Employer branding o The process of promoting an employer as a great place to work  An employer brand is more than just a great tagline Employer branding is the foundation of effective communications o Consistent messaging o Cohesive look and feel o Reinforce key messages Why is employer branding important? Standing out on campus o Differentiate: o Your company o Your employer brand message o Your stories o Your story-telling ( communication strategies) Campus relations (developing your year-round relations) o How to build relationships with: o Students
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