BU121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Business Communication, Nordstrom, Hamburger Helper

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2 Feb 2016

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BU121 – Lecture #6: Communicating Successfully for Business
Learning Objectives
understand what a “sticky” message is and how that relates to the main objective of
business communication
understand what is meant by the “curse of knowledge” and why it matters
understand the six traits of sticky messages/principles of stickiness and what they mean
how to achieve “stickiness”
What Sticks?
“sticky = understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thought or behaviour”
oi.e. urban legends (are ideas born interesting or made interesting?)
oi.e. CSPI and movie popcorn (interesting but not sensational, truthful but not
mind-blowing, and important but not “life or death”)
Six Principles of Stickiness
simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, stories
beware the curse of knowledge
oi.e. the tapper
omight cause you to not apply the principles (you assume everyone is at the same
level of knowledge as you)
simple = core + compact
find the “core” of the message
o“commander’s intent”
omatter of forced prioritization
don’t “bury the lead”
communicate the core compactly
ouse proverbs
ouse existing schema
ouse analogies
ouse generative metaphors
gets audience to pay attention
need surprise and interest
oviolate expectations
obe counterintuitive – uncommon sense
i.e. Nordstrom’s (great service is the core of their value proposition, i.e.
ironing customers’ shirts on the spot, warming up their car for them,
wrapping their purchases from other stores)
generate interest and curiosity
oopen gaps in knowledge
give context
make ideas clear – understand and remember
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