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Simon Taggar

After industrial revoluzioton, conveyor belt system came in , and we were successful economy. Manufacturing really well. 1980 when Japanese came and did everything better than how we did it ? Why? 1) Use of a lot of teams an groups (works well for the culture and the mentality of teamwork and collectivist mentality, you have that kind of personality) 2) Your personal interest is weaker than your interest in the group 3) Promotion method: Can not be promoted until somebody else was train to get this job. Solution: Try to replicate them. Teams and Groupwork  Innovation: Creativity cannot be solve by one person.  As economy changes, problems and customers change, so it provides a new perspective. (High customer service)  Reduce Hand-offs: Opportunity for miscommunication, you do your part of the task and send it to somebody else that does not have the same background in the matter.  Reduce time to get things done (One place to go): Car producing, goes to many steps designer sends it but producer can not make it so then the product is returned and has to be done re-designed. Serial development: products going back-and-forth. Parallel development: Do it as a team.  Enrich the job: Re-desing the organization to make the jobs more motivating and fun. In a team responsible for a decision its more fun, because you become responsible for what the outcome becomes. Training and coaching: Senior managers can be a mentor and glad to have a mentee to teach. “More fun for whoever is working in a team”  Creative Capacity: Different ideas and perspectives , diversity  Autonomy and decision making: Move the peripheral jobs to the outer core by increasing responsibilities and challenges of tasks.  Buy-in: You are part of the group and responsible for the project, so because you influence the outcome directly, you are more responsible to make less mistakes and improve performance.  Authority Bias: More perspectives with authority. As a team you understand the company better, its goals and its value. To be successful working as a Team Use team base rewards, performance appraisals as well as team base training. Have the resources available for the team to work well, and have the RIGHT people for the expertise. Some type of diversity. Group Polarization: Initial decision is either stronger or weaker (more aggressive on the deci
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