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Lecture 4

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Communication Studies
Jeremy Hunsinger

Audiences • Should you go beyond trying to know things? • The press freedom scare- measures capacity in which journalists? Do their job • When press freedom falls—relates to literacy issues • Newspapers were the primary media before television • Television became the primary media when….. • Television became Canadian in 1952 • Mass media became the dominant paradigm in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s,then in the 90s there was individualized media • The most popular broadcast in Canadian history was during the Vancouver olymics. America vs. Canada hockey match • Developing a country is about developing its economy • Earliest models—transmission model: direct model of early theory of audiences . you say something I have an effect. (happens on tv, ie. Violence) • Second generation of theory: two step flow model, you tell us about something, and how to think about it, make up our opinion for us. We only think about the good or what someone else tells us. There are opinion leaders • Audience effects: two step modes • Uses and gratifications model: helps you solve problems, think about the world. CBC doesn’t like this. Not the dominant model for them. You are not a passive receiver. Not a good model of citizenship^ about you becoming an active interpreter • Cultural formation/ analysis model. CBC does this. Creates things and tells you how to be. How to be tolerant, better citizen, good Samaritan, promotes media that supports this. • Encoding/decoding thesis: in culture you not only promote these things but you receive, recreate and promote back to us. • Production cycle on fashion run by the colour industry. Three year cycle, they plan it out three years in advance. They develop “fashion colours” • Women would not wear green. .the light would make their faces look sickly. Models were paid to wear it, people were paid to teach women
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