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Lecture 5

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Environmental Studies
Robert Mc Leman

Environmental Studies Week 5, Lecture 2 People have found methods to create power in new ways, steam-powered electrical generator, and hydroelectricity, nuclear-powered steam turbine (very expensive and very dangerous). Energy sources harnessed by pre-industrial human systems  Animals, wood fires, sunlight, whale oil, wind, moving water, etc.  Whale boiled down to get oil to power lamps…yes lamps  Human energy use,  Until industrial revolution, human energy use was almost all from renewable, non-fossil fuel resources  Small impact on carbon cycle  Signifitgant impact on forests and land cover, watercourses Transformation in 1800’s: Steam engine, uses coal to boil water creates pressurized steam that turns a shaft. It allows creation of factories away from watercourses, permits steamships and railways. Refined oil 1800’s  Liquid fuel is far more portable, lighter and cleaner than coal, burns more efficiently  Permits development of automobiles with internal combustion engines Natural Gas 1800’s  Less portable than liquid fuels (requires construction from fossil fuels to cons
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