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Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Bruce Mc Kay

Nov 16 2010 PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGSLecture outline Fair and unfair advantagesbuilding on potential Sports and performance enhancing drugs What are the effects of steroids Does creatine work Drug testingFair and unfair advantagesbuilding on potential certain people have more potential than others at what point though does it become cheating when you are trying to increase your potential eg you want a good job so you go to university so does it become an unfair advantageo some people cannot afford to go to universityo so no money no schooling o 50of people have blue collar jobs living paycheque to paychequeo but at WLU only 10 of people come from blue collar familieso selective pressureunfair advantage so you are in school and you get 90 average but do you need nothing else need other experiences volunteering working in labs but lots of people cannot afford to for example go to a third world country to volunteer so is that an unfair advantage that some students cannot afford to do those thingsputting them at an unfair advantage Sports and performance enhancing drugs so then with sports if you want to be an athlete you need resourcescoaches training summer sports camps eat all the best foodsall that involves a lot of money to get to the top of the competitive sports so are those who do not have the money logistics or the right genes to become a great athlete are at an unfair advantage when using steroids but while you are training and getting all the best treatment and someone else is doing things on the side to improve their performance steroidsthen you think steroids are cheating those who use steroids are they at an unfair advantage
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