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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Tsasis

Session 7: PG:107-125 The Global Context Globalization -Involves integration of world economics (EU, NAFTA) -Involves integration of world markets (McDs, Nike, Sony expanding worldwide) -Includes worldwide transactions, becoming a global economy and greater foreign investment -Pull factor: reasons a business would gain from entering the international context -Potential For sales Growth: -Greater sales if expand worldwide (Starbucks) -Obtaining Needed Resources: -Resources that are too costly in home country can be cheaper elsewhere -Push factor forces that act upon all business to create an environment where competing successfully requires competing globally -The Force of Competition: -Being forced to expand globally in order to sustain the business against other expanding competitors (Business’ get a first mover advantage if they do it 1 )t -Shift Toward Democracy: -Easier entry, greater acceptance has allowed more businesses to enter -Reduction in Trade Barriers: -General push toward free trade has encouraged increased international business (NAFTA) -Improvements in Technology: -Technology has made cross border interaction more efficient and easier -Canada is the 5 largest exporter/importer which i
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