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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

TYPES OF BENEFITS ... EMPLOYEE SECURITY BENEFITS Pensions • legally required: Canada/Quebec Pension Plan - administered federally, except Quebec [although similar plan] - designed to protect individuals against loss of earnings upon retirement or disability - also has survivor and orphan’s benefits - funded through employer & employee contributions (each party pays a % of gross income) • voluntary: registered pension plans, group RRSPs (regulated by federal & provincial laws) ???? Employment Insurance (formerly called Unemployment Insurance until 1997) - legally required - designed to protect employees in the event of job loss - providing temporary income until another job is found - funded through employer & employee contributions Workers’ compensation - legally required Health insurance Plans - legally required: provincial & hospital insurance plans - voluntary: private health insurance plans Other Group Insurance - voluntary group life insurance, etc. PAY FOR TIME NOT WORKED (Quebec, if less than one year of service: one day per month to a maximum of 2 weeks; 3 weeks after five years) Statutory Holidays - legally required (Quebec: New Year’s Day, Good Friday or Easter Monday, Victoria Day, St Jean Baptiste, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day TOTAL: 8 ) Personal Days Off - voluntary Other Leaves - some are legally required e.g. maternity leave SERVICES Employee Assistance Programs, Counseling - programs designed to help employees deal with stress, depression, family problems and substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) Subsidized Meals (subsidized cafeterias) Dis
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