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Lecture 1. Introduction

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3660
Allan Greenbaum

Lecture 1Corporate social responsibility as applied relationship and also its application in the management of an organizationDilemma exampledilemma between corporations and society 1 Widespread use of forced labour to make products 2 organization making a sale by making a bribe 3 Organizations emitting harmful pollutants into the environment can install equipments to avoid or lower these emissions In such a case calculations as to the efforts and extents needed to changeor add a new law that would suit the organization would be in question Dilemmaslide 10 Who should you be benefitting more Managers have the obligation to maximise the profits and meet the interest of the stakeholders Managers have moral obligation to not steal from shareholders but do they have moral obligation to maximise the profits for the shareholders In some cases like in cause marketing then giving away 7 profit is in the interest of the shareholders In law there is the business judgement
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