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Lecture 3

ADMS 2200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Mothers Against Drunk Driving, National Energy Board, Multi-Level Marketing

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2200
Richard Patterson

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(The Marketing Environment, Ethics, & Social Responsibility)
Environmental Scanning & Environmental Management
Environmental Scanning-collecting external marketing environment information to identify and
interpret potential trends
Environmental Management-attainment of organizational objectives by predicting and influencing the
external environments
Strategic Alliance-partnership when companies combine resources to create competitive advantages
Elements of the Marketing Mix Within an Environmental Framework
Competitive Environment
-Distinguish between
^Direct competition
^Indirect competition
-Time-based competition-strategy of developing & distributing goods more quickly than competitors
Political-Legal Environment
Competition Act-comprehensive legislation administered by Industry Canada and designed to help
both consumers and businesses by promoting a healthy competitive environment
-Laws roughly categorized in three marketing areas:
^Pricing, Promotion, Distribution
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