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Lecture 2

ADMS 2400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Civic Virtue, Boosterism, Job Performance

Administrative Studies
Course Code
ADMS 2400
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

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Learning Outcomes
-the 3 dimensions of job performance
^Task performance
^Citizenship behaviour
^Counterproductive and withdrawal behaviour
Job Performance - employee behaviours that contribute, either positively or negatively, to the
accomplishment of organizational goals
^Task performance (positively)
^Citizenship behaviour (positively)
^Counterproductive behaviour (negatively)
Task Performance - includes employee behaviours that are directly involved in the transformation of
organizational resources into the goods or services that the organization produces.
^Routine Task Performance involves well-known or habitual responses by employees to
predictable task demands
^Adaptive Task Performance, thoughtful responses by an employee to unique or unusual task
What is Citizenship Behaviour?
-Voluntary employee activities that contributing to organizational goals by improving the context in
which work takes place
Types of Citizenship Behaviours
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