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ADMS 2610 Lecture Notes - Consumer Protection, Punitive Damages, Auto Mechanic

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

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Session 10
Chapter 28 (pg. 543-554)
Consumer Protection Legislation
Types of Laws
- Laws relate to the 5 basic areas
o (1) Product Safety
o (2) Product Quality and Performance
o (3) Credit Granting
o (4) Credit Reporting
o (5) Business Practice
- Five Different Approaches
o (1) Disclosure of information
o (2) Consumer rights at law
o (3) Minimum Standards of safety, quality, performance
o (4) Control of sellers and others
Registration or licensing
o (5) Prohibition of unethical business practice
- Food and Drugs Act
o Controls harmful products that may cause injury or illness
o No civil right of action
o Strict liability and penalties for breach
- Hazardous Products Act
o Prohibits manufacture and sale of products of an extremely dangerous
o Deals primarily with packaging (hazard warnings)
- Motor Vehicles Safety Act
o Safety standards for motor vehicles and vehicle parts
o Testing procedures
Consumer Information
- Information
o Related to both safety and protection
o Protects consumers from deceptive or unfair practices
- Thrust
o Disclosure of information
Product or service
o Prohibition of false or misleading information
- Example:
o Weights and Measures Act
Uniform system of weights and measures applied to goods sold
in Canada
o Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act
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