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Lecture 4

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BIOL 4510
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BIOL 4510KINE 4510 Some Basic Cell BiologyMorphology of Muscle Cells Peter BackxThere are 3 different muscle types smooth muscle skeletal and cardiac Although all 3 are capable of contracting their morphology is quite differentskeletal and cardiac muscle are called striated musclethey have a striated appearance due to the repeat of highly organized structures called sarcomeres along the length of these cells Sarcomeres are made up of sarcoplasmic reticulum and contractile proteins that are arranged into very organized structures discussed laterSkeletal Muscle The morphology of skeletal muscle is more complex than the other 2 muscle typesFunctional Organization Skeletal muscle has 3 layers of connective tissueOuter epimysium epion mysmuscleCollagen fibersCentral perimysium periaroundCollagen fibers and elastic fibers blood vessels and nerve Inner endomysium endoinside1 Collagen fibers The collagen fibers of the epimysium perimysium and endomysium come together at the end of muscle to form the tendon or aponeurosis broad sheet of tendon The muscle is divided into bundles fascicles which are surrounded by the perimysium Each muscle fascicle is divided into muscle fibersEach muscle fiber is divided into myofibrilsEach skeletal muscle contains 100s1000s of myofibrilsEach myofibril is 052 m diameter and can equal to the entire length of the muscle 30 cm or more Muscle Fiber The muscle fiber is comprised ofMyofibrilscontractile protein myofilaments Mitochondrialocated on the periphery Sarcolemmaplasma membrane The sarcolemma forms specialized invaginations called transverse tubules or ttubules Sarcoplasmcytoplasm Sarcoplasmic reticulum SR A large internal organelle system comparable to the endoplasmic reticulum The SR comes in close apposition with the ttubules terminal cisternae forming the triad 2
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