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Earth, Space Science and Engineering
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EATS 3300 Lab 4 By Paloma D’Silva York University 2/6/2013 Due Feb 13/2013 2 Table of Contents Introduction…Page 2 Analysis…Page 2 Table 1…Page 2 Figure 1-Output Map…Page 3 Conclusion…Page 4 References...Page 4 3 Introduction As an employee for the city of Cobb County supervisor’s office, the purpose of this assignment is to organize a coast-to-coast bicycle race. In order to do this, certain features on the map must be located and classified. Analysis 1. Since the planned bike route passes through a number of cities in Cobb County, it is important to find out which cities are affected. The bike route line passes through four cities. In order to find this out, the source layer bike route was applied to the data, and then the attribute table was found. The four cities are Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta, and Smyrna. The mayor for Kennesaw is John Haynie, the mayor for Acworth is Robert Gibson, the mayor for Marietta is Ansley Meaders, and the mayor for Smyrna is Max Bacon. 2. The next task is to make sure the local hotels of these cities know about the bike race. Only hotels within a distance of 800 m of the bike route have been selected. There are 38 hotels in total that match
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