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York University
FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

October 24World War II PART TWO Case Study The Office of War Information Present roosevelt created OWI under executive order 9182 in June 1942Operated from June 13 1942 to sept 1945 and headed by radio commentator elmer davisJob to assist media in spreading message about supporting warInfluence hollywood to make films to support the war effort and to make films thatportrayed US in a positive light Films of patriotic morale boosting themes and messages about the american way of lifethe nature of the enemy and the allies civilian responsibility not he home from and fighting forces themselves Neither OWI or BMP creating these movies had the power to stop films from being madeor shown They exercised moral suasion and used it to keep filmmakers from doing anything nonpatrioticSecond half of the war they were reading scripts before they went into production andsuggesting changes to improve the picture in their minds The Manual Will this help win the warWhat info does it clarify dramatize or interpretIs it an escape pictureDoes it use war as basis for profitable pictureIs it repetitive to ideas already instilled Does the picture tell the truthReading Textbook Chapter 7 World war 2 began on sept 1 1939 germany invaded polandUnited states maintained Epson of strict neutrality and isolationism at the start of the waras it had done in 1914 Us public had no interest in getting involved in another european conflictUS entered ww2 after bombing of pearl harbour on December 7 1941 when it declaredwar on japan and its ally germanyMake americans were shocked by the war and its successEmpire of japan and united states had been in collision course since 1850s when admiralperry sailed into Yokohama and used gunships to open japan to US trade 1
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