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Lecture 2 September-17-12 5:26 AM The Roman Conquest of Italy  6-5th Century BCE Rome a really dominant power  390 BCE Rome sacked by Sinonae  Focusing on the narrative of the conquest; the aggressor of the war and the post war settlement  Romans gave citizenship to defeated enemies o Responsible for the strength of Rome o Obligated to loyalty of military Roman Citizenship  Rights o Hold political offices (male of a certain age) o To vote in assemblies o Ius provocationis right of appeal o Ius commercii right to trade o Ius conubii right to marry  Duties o Military services (18-35 years old) o Payment of taxes  Municipa: pre-existing cities that were defeated by Rome, participating in Roman and Ideal government o Lack of conducting foreign policy  Citizen status differed among cities Dealing with the Conquered  Citizen colonies  Municipia with full citizenship  Municipia without full citizenship (sine suffragio) without the vote  Latin communities  Latin colonies  Allied communities  Latin communities: pre-existing, no political rights  Latin colonies: founded from scratch  Allied communities had no rights, relationship with Rome regulated by treaty  Treaties made allies obligated to supply military troops to Rome Major Wars First Samnite War 343-341 BCE  Fairly minor, sieged city of Capua  Romans came to aid, Empire by invitation Latin War 341-338 BCE  Larger that the previous war  Latins resentful of being treated as subjects, not allies  After Rome's victory they dissolved the Latin League  Citizen colonies created, some Municipia made Second Samnite War 327/6-304 BCE  Samnites preparing to attack Roman colonies on Samnite territory  Samnites inciting Naples to attack Rome  Above not reliable, who started what?  Dispute with Naples, some wanted Roman help, some wanted Samnite help  Samnites never attacked Roman territory, all battles happened outside Rome, mostly on Samnite land Third Samnite War 298-290 BCE  Romans overrun Samnites, forcing them to become allies, given love status and they were forces to provide Rome with military power  268 - Romans stopp
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