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HRM 3400

Occupational HealthSafety ManagementHRM 3400Winter 2012Anna BlakeLecture 9Hazard RecognitionAssessmentMar 12DefinitionsHazardoAny condition or changing set of circumstances that has the potential to cause injuryEventoAn occurrence involving process equipment or human performance either internal or external to a system that causes system upset In terms of accidents an event is either a cause or contributing cause of a near miss or accident or a response to the accident initiating eventIncident near missoAn incident is an observable human activity that is an unwanted event or occurrence that might have a negative impact on the people property or process involvedAccidentoAny unwanted unplanned event that causes harm to people property or process lossesoResults from direct contact with some form of energy that is greater than the strength of the body or structure to resist physical hazardElectricalMechanicalThermalRadioactiveGravitationalKineticoOr results from direct contact with other types of hazardChemicalBiologicalErgonomicInjuryoAny trauma physical or mental direct or indirect acute or chronic experienced by a human being oDirect vs indirect injury oAcute vs chronic trauma Risk oThe quantitative or qualitative expression of possible loss that considers both the probability that a hazard will result in an adverse event and the consequences of that event What the Law SaysRegulations that cover workplace hazards
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