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Human Resources Management
HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

HRM 3440 8 thOctober 25 2012 Listening Outgroup Members Outgroup happens due to individuals who behave a certain way Systemic Outgroupie disabled women minoritiesimmigrant and statusFeeling of alienation and outgroup can happen in organizational settings ie starting a new jobentering a group that contains its own norms We create outgroup unintentionally through our interactionsThey may be in opposition or simply disinterestedTheymay feel powerless unaccepted alienated or even discriminated againstThe more complexity and diversity of the workforce the more challenging it is for inclusivenessPerception is realitynot intentional As a leader you must include every member in the groupjob to make sure that you pay attention to everybody and engage with everyone What is OutGroupCome in many formsMinorities who think their voice wont be heardPeople who feel their ideas are unappreciatedPeople who do not identify wit
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