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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

Cardiovascular Disease Feb 8 2012 1 Life Expectancy in Canada a Life expectancy in Canada has gone up because babies are not dying and not because people are living longeri The average age in Canada is 81 years of age 1 Males is little bit less and females a little bit more 2 If you were above 65 I would predict that you would live longer about 20 years b Leading causes in death in Canada 2008 i Was Cancers then heart disease and stroke 1 We have new materials to cure heart disease a 13 of you would die from cancer and 23 would die from heart disease 2 CVD Deaths by Sex and Age and Race White MF a As you are older you start developing new diseases i Atherosecolortic plaques are developing when are just sitting down This also goes up with age ii Men are dying from CVD around the age of 6584 then after 85 more women are dying this is due to there are more women left and less men 3 CVD Death Rates Women vs Men 19792002 a Over the years the death rates of CVD has gone down over time and if you look at females it has increased over the yearsi The reason why is because there is still this notion that CVD is men driven disease and not women 1 Also women see that if a man gets a heart attack they are more worried and men get treatment urgently but then if a women gets a heart attack they do not go to the hospital and they usually die because they think its only a male driven disease In addition females are much more in denial then males Females will not admit that they have heart attack 4 Preventing Heart Problems a Physical Activity b Diet i Fat Good and Bad saturated and unsaturated ii Fish omega 3 iii Vegetable and fruitshelps blood liver profile iv Fiber and Whole grains acts a roughage v Soy vi B Vitaminsvii Moderate Alcohol Consumption5 Modifiable Risk Factors of Cardio Vascular Disease Controllablea Tabaco Smoking Daily between the age of 2059 years of age around 257 of people die from it b Physical Inactivity around 55 of people die from it because they are inactive and they are not meeting the daily required activity c Overweight BMI25 around 475 of having a CVD d Less than recommended consumption of fruits and vegetables is about 647 because there is less amount of nutrients in your body e High BP 83 f Diabetes 27
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