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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

Definitions Gerontology: Branch of knowledge dealing with aging - aging affects the individual and impacts on society Geriatrics: Branch of medicine dealing with the diseases of aging Stereotype: A one sided exaggerated view and a prejudiced view of a group of people Ageism: Refers to the negative images of and attitudes towards an individual simply because they are old Age Grading: Responsibilities and expectations are related to chronological age Age Norms: Serve as guidelines for acceptable behaviour in specific social situations Cohort: Refers to all those people born during some specific period or passing through age related changes at approximately the same time in history Values: Are internalized criteria by which members of a society select and judge their own and other’s goals and behaviours Ethnicity: An ethnic group consists of people who see themselves as similar or alike by virtue of their common ancestry, whether genuine or not, and are regarded so by others Culture: Develops when a group shares a way of life at the same time and place Functional Independence: Seniors being able to do activities of daily living that will allow as great a level of independence as possible, regardless of diminished physical or mental resources Active Living: Any physical, social, mental, emotional or spiritual activity that supports individual well- being and quality of life Demographic Indicators 1. Life Span: Theoretical maximum number of years an individual can live – about 100 years 2. Life Expectancy: Average number of years of life remaining for an individual at a given age 3. Crude Birth and Death Rate: Reco
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