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MKTG 4150 Lecture Notes - Social Capital, Starbucks, Nutella

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MKTG 4150
Arundhati Bhattacharyya

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Jessica Gahtan Lecture Notes MKTG 4150
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Lecture 1: September 10, 2014
A=u (umbrella)
Consumption is about people experiencing sacredness in what they’re
consuming Sacred & Profane
Apple Emotional connection(pin point), customer satisfaction, product reliability,
design, immersive retail experience, innovative,
Coke tasty + promo
Hygiene (dove) freshness + product details
Starbucks variety Tedtalk called paradox of choice -
CSR / eco-friendly
Social capital that comes from using or consuming a product
David’s tea
Simplicity of use
Health benefits
Roy Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man
! Interface by which people make decisions -
! Impulse saving more people would save
! Solving problems by changing perceptions instead of reality
! Perception is everything
! Lost aversion
! Spend differently with someone else’s money rather than your own
! Sounds university of Texas zero sounds like it has more of a substance
! Replacing material value with symbolic value explains why people buy things
that may have been worn by a famous person not just what you perceive in a
product but how others will perceive it
! Hedonic value
! Persuasion could do it in a nice way smiley faces
! Change of social capital the gold capital change in system
! Democracy of consumption coke not always good
! Contextual consumption
! E.g. McD’s in Europe eat there because miss it from home
= Contageioun
! The meaning of consumption
! People often buy products for what they do but for what they mean help us to
form bonds with others who share similar
! Nutella, Harley Davidson
! Meanings often emanate from marketing efforts from marketing efforts
! Influence your view of the world around you:
! 1. What’s in, what’s out
! 2. Food choices
! 3. Decorating
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