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Organization Studies
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ORGS 2010
Eleanor Westney

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Week 4 Organizational CultureCultural Perspective o Takes issue with a good deal of conventional managerial thought on how to run a businesso Emphasizes the inherent limitations of managerial authority and influence and rejects claims that strictly structural rational or interest factors best describe or explain human behaviouro Focuses on social and personal identities carried by people the cognitive or mental maps they utilize to come to terms with the requirements and difficulties they face their day to day activities and the moral precepts and normative standards they take for granted o Attention directed to ideas and skills individuals and groups hold display and value the reasons or motives people accept as legitimate accounts for their actions the special languages and expressions they cultivate and use the boundaries they recognize to mark membership in various social groupings and the networks to which they belongo Cultural understandings are collectively shaped and rooted in the pasto Cultural perspective emphasizes what it is that people must learn to become fully functioning and accepted organizational members The Centrality of Symbolism o Organizations focus on values languages beliefs founding legends social norms myths etc o Symbols carry denotative and connotative meanings Denotative refer to the direct instrumental uses of a symbolConnotative refer to the expressive more general and broader uses of a symbol o
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