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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 SWENSON

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 3 The Dignity of Life – David F. Swenson  In the year of 1949  Weltanschauung (in German means worldview)  Eudaimonia (deep sense of happiness)  Alfie (movie about pursing life in surface happiness) Past Future Time Extended Self Unextended Self - Theological Meaning of Life - No concept of future and past - Difference of humans & animals - Distinctively human extended self - To ponder meaning of life, one must extended self - Only humans think this - Preparation of external life (Eg: career) - Preparation of internal life (Eg: fundamental) - Different worldview - Arguing the most preparation of worldview is not career - “It’s a principle of living ...spirit and attitude and varying ... (in reading) - Socrates worldview, unexamined life is not worth living (what is justice, knowledge, etc) - “It’s only the individual and aspiration ... (in reading) - Knowledge means beyond a reasonable doubt (strong feelings, wishful thinking) - Self deception (to deceive themselves) - Desire to deceive others (all better to deceive others) - “A view of life is not objective knowledge but subjective conviction” (page 18)  Conviction is the state of mind (can have 100% conviction, only mental state not the truth in world)  “Convictions are greater enemies of truth then lies” – Nietzck - Objective knowledge matters (reality, facts, NOT self illusion/deception) - Subjective are different opinions or ways of expressing it - “is not objective knowledge, but subjective conviction” (p. 17) - Subjective in that it “cannot be directly communicated or conveyed…from one person to another” Lecture 3 - For Swenson, the view of life is based on “the individual’s own knowledge of himself as an individual” - “The problem is to find meaning of ... (in reading)  Life is meaningful, not meaningless - “If a view of life were a body of knowledge about life, or a direct and immediate implication from such knowledge, it would be subject to objective communication and systematic instruction.” (page 18)  “Knowledge is the answer(s) that thing gives we ask of them”  Emphasizes the subjectivity - Truth is subjective not objective - “A human life without happiness or hope of happiness is not a life, but rather a death in life.” (page 18) - Life is about happiness  Eg: marriage (not to get happiness ruined)  Eg: Jury
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