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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Leo Tolstoy - Meaning in life wrote when he was around 50 years old - Really affects how one looks at life - Doesn’t give opinions gives reasons; arguments - Philosophers usually make arguments and analyze arguments - Russian Orthodox, by the time he was 18 had no interest in religion - 18-28 he did a lot of random stuff :\ bad stuff - Married at 28 and had kids – meaning of life changed because now he had a family - Successful writer in the past century - Drawn by the seduction of option - Suicide rates in professionals occur often - There’s a high rate of suicide in physicians and doctors - Rational knowledge and irrational knowledge - Relation between Knowledge vs. conviction (they are not the same) - Seriousness of the word knowledge - Dilemma; - Could be no answer - Ex. Many people think their life is meaningless until they join a mass movement - Pursue answers that satisfy him – he didn’t want the truth - Highly implicit idea to the meaning of life – “my faith” - Divides people in two groups – black and white thinking – us vs. them – dichotomous thinking poor than you’re rich – enriching false dichotomy - Age 45, questioning meaning of life - Talks about species and man - Wants to know meaning of his life - Meaning of life is subject Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s five levels of needs: 5) Self-actualization 4) Self-esteem 3) Love and social needs 2) Security needs 1) Basic needs Viktor Frankl - Existential vacuum – you feel there’s no meaning to your life no matter how good your job is and how well you do in things. - Growing anxiety of death Carl Sagan - Cosmos (book and video series) - Energized and made positive by science; thinks science makes life worth living - Turned away from scientists and philosophers and turned towards the working class [peasants] - And analyzed them; realized they didn’t live for pleasure,
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