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John Kekes · Our natural to struggle à Darwin · There is an instinct that we all have · Many of us living today in privileged societies, we don’t have the same struggle that our ancestors faced on a daily basis · We have comfortable lives – the primitive struggle for us is over · The threat we face is: income, prestige, self-esteem, social and psychological problems · The competition, and success, this is the struggle we face – the superficial view · The treadmill of success · Kekes: we have the luxury to sit back and ponder the meaning of life, and reflect whereas our ancestors did not have this · Is success in our society really important? – many who successful have an existential breakdown · Children are indoctrinated, adolescents are guided, adults are pressed into the mould · Life has no meaning: just because we ask for the meaning of something, that doesn’t mean that there is a meaning · Naïve realism- the world is colorless, using science to find out · Critique: Despair or Cynicism – they poison the enjoyment our life · Evasion- avoiding the question of meaning of life verses Eluding – thinking life is meaningless, living your life · He discusses John
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