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Leo Tolesty

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PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

Lecture 2 sept 12 2011 VICTOR FRANKEL existential vacuum frustrationfideism agnosticismABRAHAM MASLOWwhatmakes people happy selfactualizationselfesteemlovesocialsafteybasic needssense senceleo tolestyborn in a russian orthodox family18 he had no faith1828 orientatted lying stealing and acts of lustdrunkness viloence murder commited crimes28 he had kidshe becmase a famous wiriter and succseful asa writerhe tasted sudcution of authorshipconsdiered his carrer a waste of time just to makealot of money and wanted successhe lived a life of writing in pain for 15 years At 55 he began to experience an arrrest of life you feel that your life is empty he had all the succes in the world but he was not happyexpereinced an existential vaccum and didnt want to do anything jsut stay in bed he became paraylzed by not knowing the meaning of lifelike a diseas is what he experienced mild symptoms that grew like rash also growing anxiety Statedit was clear that art was an endorment and decoy of life he talked about everyoes art Does art stasify the meaning of life He did not find the right answer to the meaning of life and the mathemtaical science meaningterm He did not find it in the philosphical way and possible
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