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Organizations of separations Organizations of separations.

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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

science theoretical public realm liberty practical private realmboth major authorities of our livesactive principle for science understanding something as it is and not as it ought to beactive principle contained within liberty is that humans are the sovereign author of the worldthe issue that lies between the two is that within our worlds they lie in conflict with each other each attempting to assert its authority over the otherWeber suggests that we distinguish rigorously between the two as a solution on the one end distinguish scientific facts and values that are the object of personal choiceWeber term value pluralism recognizes that we are all distinct individuals thus shall choose according to our own values thus these values enter into conflictconflict a war of gods valuesthis can only occur due to the lack of a central religion out of social worldWeber hopes that the war of the gods does not translate into civil warthe distinction between the social and private realm is that within the social realm values are taken out to become value neutralvalues and beliefs are privatized relegated to the individualsto Weber science and reason are thus value neutral they do not tell us how we should live for they are methods that help us get resultsthe idea that we live in a social world that is strictly governed by science is also called by Weber rationalizationWeber rationalization is defined as the process through which s
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