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Organizations of separations Organizations of separations.

Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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-science (theoretical, public realm), liberty (practical, private realm) > both major
authorities of our lives
-active principle for science, understanding something as it is, and not as it ought to
-active principle contained within liberty is that humans are the sovereign author of
the world
-the issue that lies between the two is that within our worlds they lie in conflict with
each other, each attempting to assert its authority over the other
-Weber suggests that we distinguish rigorously between the two as a solution: on
the one end distinguish scientific facts, and values that are the object of personal
-Weber, term value pluralism> recognizes that we are all distinct individuals thus
shall choose according to our own values, thus these values enter into conflict
>conflict> a war of gods (values)
>this can only occur due to the lack of a central religion, out of social world
>Weber hopes that the war of the gods does not translate into civil war
-the distinction between the social and private realm is that within the social realm
values are taken out to become value neutral
-values and beliefs are privatized, relegated to the individuals
-to Weber, science and reason are thus value neutral, they do not tell us how we
should live, for they are methods that help us get results
-the idea that we live in a social world that is strictly governed by science is also
called by Weber, rationalization
>Weber: rationalization is defined as the process through which spirituality,
tradition and moral values are replaced by rational calculation, efficiency and
-for Weber, the process of rationalization is ongoing, and will lead to the
disenchantment of the world
>what Weber means is that all the elements that use to enchant the world (i.e
God) are evacuated or are privatized
>this world whereby science replaces belief and enchantment, this type of
world is an “iron cage”
>it is an iron cage due to cold and calculating reason, and efficient and
controlling, and the idea that it is cage is that it is inescapable, once you have
gone on the road of disenchantment, there is no return
>if we do not accept that we cannot return, than the war of the gods will occur
-under the effects of rationalization, the world becomes human, all too human (title
of a book by Nicci)
-we no longer transcend the human condition, however enchantments can
-the iron cage makes us all too human, thus we are indeed disenchanted
-concededly the private world can be enchanted, however these beliefs must be
known as to be unable to translate to the public realm
-Weber points out an undeniable fact of human existence wherein our
contemporary society is founded upon separations and distinctions, division borne
of conflict
-in this particular case the distinction between fact and values is translated by the
social realm and the private realm
-forces us to recognize that we’re divided, not united
-Weber further adds that this distinction is between life and science
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