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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYC 1010 REBECCA JUBIS Wednesday, November 14, 2012 SLEEP - electroencephalogram( EGG)  picks up electric activity in the brain - Stage 1(NREM 1)  lightest stage of sleep  lasts about 10mins  hypnic jerks  hypnogogic stage( awake sleep)  5% - Stage 2(NREM2)  Deeper stage of sleep  lasts 10-25mins  sleep spindles  sleep talking occurs during this stage  50% - Stage 3 & Stage 4 (NREM 3)  Very deep sleep  Stage 3( delta waves occur less than 50% of the time)  Stage 4( delta waves occur more than 50% of the time)  This stage is often called slow wave sleep( SWS)  Sleepwalking occurs during this stage  Stage 3; 6%  Stage 4; 14% - REM Sleep  Rapid Eye Movement  Dreaming  EEG resembles those of an “awake” person  Motor activity is practically eliminated (sleep paralysis)  adaptive  Difficult to awaken the person  Breathing is irregular  Erections  25% - lucid dreaming  able to control the course/path that your dream takes  you can train yourself to do it - Paradoxical sleep  difficult to wake someone when they are dreaming, unable to move physically, but their brain and internal organs are very highly activated - pattern of stages of sleep; go down to stage 4, then back up to stage 2( where you hit a REM period) then go back down to stage 4  go through REM sleep every 90mins  longest periods are in the morning( dreams that you tend to remember) - Night Terror  NREM erupt awakening  3-5 years of age - Sexomnia  have sex while they are sleeping  more common in men than women( 11% men vs. 4% women)  extreme fatigue and alcohol consumption can trigger this behaviour - THEORIES FOR WHY WE SLEEP 1) Sleeps serves a restorative function  physical and mental o Slow wave sleep(SWS) is impli
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