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Psychoanalytic Approach (Freud) Lecture covering the psychoanalytic approach developed by Sigmund Freud. Topics covered include: instincts, structures of personality (id, ego, superego), stages of psychosocial development, and defence mechanisms.

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psychoanalytic Approach (Freud) Instincts  We are governed by unconscious conflicts  2 types - Life Instincts (libido: sexual instinct) - Death Instincts Structures of Personality ID  Structure that contains the instincts  Only structure present at birth  Unconscious – it has no contact with reality  Irrational & amoral  Seeks self-indulgence and immediate gratifications  Can reduce tension in two ways: 1. Reflex activity 2. Primary process thinking – (you fantasize about the object that will reduce tension) EGO  Develops at 13 -15 months  Helps the id gain real rather than imaginary satisfaction  It is in contact with reality  Its reasonable and evaluates the situation  Strives for delay of gratification  Use secondary process thinking (realistic thinking)  Based on the Reality Principle Superego  Develops at around 4 years old  Represents the moral aspect  Allows for self-control  Strives for perfection and tries to block gratification  Moralistic goals take precedence over realistic ones Stages of Psychosexual Development  Sexual in this sense refers to many urges for physical pleasure  Erogenous Zone: Zones that need pleasure producing stimulation to reduce tension Stages: 1. Oral Stage: - ( birth to 15 months) - Erogenous zone is the mouth 2. Anal Stage: - 18 months) - Erogenous zone is the anus - Child gets pleasure from retention and elimination of feces 3. Phallic Stage: - (4yrs) most crucial - Erogenous zone is the genitals - Oedipal Complex (males): i) Sexually attracted to mom ii) Boy feels conflicted feelings towards dad (love, fear, hostility) iii) Resolution: represses these conflicted emotions, identifies with dad, and dad becomes the sex-role model. - Electra Complex (females): i) Sexually attracted to dad ii) Blames mom for lack of penis iii) Feels hostility and love towards mom iv) Resolut
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