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Lecture 10

PSYC 3140 Lecture 10: PSYC3140 LAST LECTURE

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PSYC 3140
Jennifer Lewin

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CLUSTER B: HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY PD: dramatic, emotionally shallow, vein, if u take attention away from there, theyll do whatever to bring the attention back whether its good or bad sextyped alternative: perhaps the tool we use are biased psychogdynamic: dont receive warmth form parents. they feel unloved, and feeling helpless , isolated, and not being understood. reaction to this : always having attention drawn to them narc vs histrionic selfinvolved and lack of empathy they want attention but only good NARC strong sense of entitlement preoccupied with receiving attention if someone criticizes them, theyre really hurt (sensitive) and have little empathy with others break up? yeah whatever theyll attack you and externalize it in order to deal with criticism arrogant and envious talking about principles their image is their main goal surround themselves with people that will build them up Failure to receive empathic mirroring u come home and say i won the science fair. i was number 1. so you respond with excitement and say thats amazing. you must be so proud. versus: i won! and get response of oh yeah back when i was in highschool i won too. a lot of other things than science. btw dinner is al most ready, i need u to get ready. more of a conscious versus antisocial Openness to experience Conscientious Extroversion Agreeableness Neurotism ANTISOCIAL VS NARC both low on agreeableness which is the only common thing CLUSTER C: AVOIDANT PD avoid social interactions sensitivity to others opinions avoidant of interpersonal relationships similar to social phobia. they long the connections but the fear of rejection is severe so they avoid interactions. they expect it to go badly and be judged. whereas schizo dont give a single fuck develops:
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