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Personality Disorders Lecture

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Lecture: Differing views:  Psychiatrists Categorical approach  Psychologists  Personality disorders  Dimensional approach  Personality o DSM-5 may include more dimensional aspects Personality: Dr. John Livesley  Definition of normal personality: o Stables and coherent view of self and others o Capacity for intimacy and affliction o Function adaptively in society with prosocial behaviours Personality Disorders: Personality disorders reflect a failure to adapt to life’s tasks (Dr. John Livesley)  Considers dimensions  Adaptive inflexibility o People with an obsessive personality are control freaks, rigid, difficulty adapting. If there is sudden change, they won’t be able to adapt or manage.  Vicious circles o A paranoid personality, they don’t get mad they get even. So you start to back off. So it’s a vicious circle  Psychodynamic view: kind of ego defence style gives clues to kind of personality disturbance o i.e.: using projection is a clue to a paranoid personality Trait view: Hans Eysenck  Dimensions: introverted-extroverted. One long continuum Theories of Personality:  Timothy Leary- Circumplex Model (1957) Two main axes of classifying personalities: 1. Dominance-submissive 2. Unfriendly-friendly Theories of personality Disorders: (Millon)  Two dimensions: 1. Impassive-expressive 2. Enmeshed-autonomous  Personality test: Millon Clinical Multiaxial inventory (MCMI) Millon took his model, with categories of personality and looked at them in dimensions—they’re the current DSM personality disorders: narcissistic, paranoid, schizoid, etc. MCMI research study of Depression: (Goldberg and colleagues, 1989)  Sample of outpatients receiving CBT for major affective disorder  Identified two groups using
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