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Addressing Racism

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Kerry Taylor

ADRESSING RACISM CANADIAN CHALLENGESRacial profiling recent discussion in TorontoToronto StarRace age and gender are huge factors in who gets stopped in TorontoBlack males are 3 times more likely to be stopped than any other way The out of place phenomenon If a racialized person is seen in a predominantly white area it is seemed that they are in the wrong neighbourhood Stereotypes othering and labeling Huge violations of civil liberties and arbitrary detention In community policing they use a heavy presence in where required Police have acknowledged that racial profiling is a problem They say it is being addressedFirst he said racial profiling is normal in policingMedia A year later officer Bill Blair said there is no justification for racial profiling in policing There is an alliance betweenRace and Opportunity Making It Black people feel that they need to work twice as hard Being just as good isnt enoughHow has law dealt with racism CasesAssess whether law is a good tool in producing social change Constance Backhouse Colour Coded When we view our legal history we rely heavily on the presumption that Canada is race less Our legal system has reflected the idea that Canada is race lessthat Canada is indeed whiteTrack the progressionWING the Chinese restaurant wanted to hire 2 white women as servers This was done to challenge the White Womens Labour law Wing said that this law was about morality Hiring and not hiring people on the basis of their race is a moral and ethical issue He said only the federal government and the criminal code should deal with this The Supreme Court said how they could see that the law can be discriminatory but it is constitutional as long as it is in provincial jurisdiction
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