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17. Cinema, Propaganda, and the Nazis.docx

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HIST 1035
Robert Savage

Cinema, Propaganda, and the Nazis March 19, 2014 • Weimar Governmentcreated at the end of WWI and the government that would replace the constitutional monarchy of the Keiser Parliamentary democracy that was dominated by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Friederich Ebert would dominate this government from 1919-1925 In 1925, elections were held and they resulted in the democrats losing power and the conservatives gaining power General Paul von Hindenburg was elected as the president and his election signaled a shift to the right However, communists still impacted the election got almost 2 million votes mostly from the cities During the reign of von Hindenburg, Germany achieved stability and succeeded in improving the economy From 1925-1929 Germany would enjoy a degree of stability, but this movement to the right was not a movement to the far right This period would see this terrific cultural flourishing that would take place American jazz would become popular in German cities and German film making was big in this period However, when the stock market crashed in 1929, Germany lost all of its economic progress Inflation and unemployment would increase again • Elections in 1930 showed that the middle ground was vanishing o there were only extremists • On the right, the Nazis began to gain power and they were supported by the middle class • Many industrial workers supported the communist party • Nazis believed that they had been stabbed in the back by the communists and by the rest of the world • Communists and Nazis HATED each other • They both believe that the Weimar Government is weak and couldn’t handle the current crisis • Both KDP and Nazis use propaganda to gain public support and show that the Weimar Government is weak • The Nazis denounced the Weimar government and said it was unable to handle this crisis and unable to handle communism • Hitler comes to power by playing the fears of the German population • He was a very persuasive public speaker and found scapegoats to blame for Germany’s suffering [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] • As the economic crisis deepened, the Nazis appealed to the unemployedit appealed to the national pride and work • The Nazi party was more than a political partyit was tied in with German culture • The Nazis understand that their target is those who voted for the conservative political party and they understand that their message resonate in the middle class • They believe that their nation can be great once again if people believe in the Nazis • Nazis gained 14.5 million votes and enjoyed increasing support in the 1930s • Becomes the largest political party in Germany • However, it still can’t form a government because it does not have enough seats in the German parliament • Meanwhile, Communists refused to form a coalit
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