HIST1083 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Palace Of Versailles, Fronde, Calvinism

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11 Oct 2016
Royal Absolutism (1643-1715)
Sun king: Louis XIV
Henry IV
Converted from calvinism
Ended religious wars
Issued Edict of Nantes
o State guarantee for Huguenot rights
o State unity prioritized over religious
o Temporary end to religious wars
Shook nobility
State now would control religion
Cardinal Richelieu
The Fronde
Versailles Palace
The monarch has absolute power over the state and his subjects
Authority is unchallengeable
The monarch controls taxation, law and especially the military
o No fair trial
Nobles are tamed king appoints his loyalists
Estates General
Powerless national assembly, but had ceremonial status
3 Estates: nobility, clergy, everyone else
Origins in 1300s
Advised king when required
Not used between 1614 and 1788
Traditional nobility: nobles of the sword
New nobility starting with Henry IV: nobles of the robe
Intendants: increasingly taken from nobles of robe, purpose to raise taxation, be king’s
representatives, spy on old nobles
Louis XIII
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