HIST 1083 Lecture 17: Colonization & Native Populations

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5 Dec 2016
Colonization & Native Populations
Spanish Rule
Shaped by Reconquista, Reformation
Centralized control
Military force
Religious mission
Fading by 1600s
Spanish control in new world
Rising of Dutch, French, English
English Rule
More autonomous trade and independent agriculture
Matured when global market was more advanced
Bigger driver of English empire
Religious conversion less central
Predominantly Protestant
Predestined at birth
Fleeing for religious reason
Distant from natives
More separation
More english colonists
Culturally English, still dislocation, see themselves as equals
Atlantic Colonies
New Spain established but Spain fading
New France expansive but sparsely populated
13 English colonies growing, based on trade, agriculture, relative autonomy
Exploit space
Drivers of Immigration
Piecemeal and inconsistent because of limited technology
No communication
No transportation
Changes in Europe
More people
Ties to England but conflicted
Cultural affinity
Failure: Roanoke, 1584
First english Attempt to set up a colony
Sir Walter Raleigh
Small group of settlers were not able to last
unable to get food
Jamestown, 1607 is successful
Colonial Push and Pull
Population growth in Europe
Enclosure: attempt that cuts off land for private ownership, increases number of
people willing to take risk in foreign land
Religious escape path
Land: ownership, being own boss, independence, no tyranny, quality
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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