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Joseph Burdo

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History of Islam Notes 2/13/2013 I. Ibn Khaldun and Historiography and Civilization a. Ibn Khaldun – Raised as an ‘Ulama but also studied a good deal of philosophy. He was very interested in the question of politics. Served at the Mamluk Court. Wrote a universal history (history of the world). Mucadima- Prologue or Introduction (This is the Yellow Book we have). Hadith/Akhbar History. He is interested in the HOW and WHY of events (he is one of the first people to think like this). Father of sociology- Philosophical look at History. TRIBAL SYSTEMS LEADS TO THE MOST VIRTUE. Seminary people tend to lean towards more luxuries that nomadic people do. When people settle down in cities they become soft. Asabiyya is a good thing in small groups. Larger groups this is harder to achieve. i. Madrasa- Islamic School where ‘Ulama can start out learning Quran, ect. Good students are suggested to go into ‘ulama work. ii. Asab’yya- Group feeling/solidarity; Khaldun looks at history as a cycle. You start out with a very basic family/group with feelings (tribal attitude). Group feelings lead to one thing happening and then because of this group feeling other groups arise and take over and this is a cycle. iii. Shu’ubiyya Controversy- Religious feeling and Tradition an
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