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Lecture 6

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Boston College
THTR 1120

Dance Journal Part 2 Week 6 10/14/13 Reflection: Today in dance we learned a floor routine that required us to focus on breathing and keeping our body weight grounded. After practicing the routine for the entire class period, the last exercise we did went back to something we did in the first week of class: practicing drop to the floor in one count and get back up in one count. I was impressed at how much easier it was to let myself drop in one count without fear of getting injured and how much easier it was to get up in one count as well (compared to when we did this exercise the first time). Getting up all depended on pulling your weight inwards and then pushing up with your center. I really think this exercise helped me become more aware of my body and how to move it (as a whole) quickly and efficiently because today in field hockey practice I had a multitude of incredible stops and played really well as a whole. We practiced “Goalie shoot-outs” in which a field player has 8 seconds to play 1v1 with only a goalie and score a goal. I was standing in for the goalie (without goalie pads I might add) and playing defense on each player. Out of 27 shoot-out attempts, my body and reaction times were quick enough to stop all but 6 balls from going in the goal. This was an incredible (nearly impossible) statistic to achieve. I also felt like I was running up and down the field differently today but I felt faster somehow. I think I was moving from my pelvis/quads, rather than my shoulders/head where I normally run from. Lastly, I think practicing the different breathing techniques in class might have helped my breathing in field hockey today. Today during practice when I was running, I felt like it was easier to breathe and talk. I was taking deeper breaths and (attempting to breathe through both my lungs and stomach, and I felt like it helped me catch my breath/recover from intense cardio runs faster than I normally would. Week 6 10/14/13 Article Review: Article Title: “Why don’t we dance anymore?” by Heather Harvilesky (Ny Times Dance Reviews) Although this article might not fit into exactly what you wanted us to read for these review journal responses, I thought this article was very shocking and made some interestingly accurate points. As the title suggests, the author of this article discusses how in today’s culture, dancing is reserved for the young and talented. I have never really realized this before, but from my experience, it is sad and true. I don’t think I have ever seen my parents dance (unless they were purposefully trying to embarrass me in front of friends growing up). I hope as an adult (too old for clubs and bars), I still go out dancing with my husband. I think it would be fun to, at an older age, take a ballroom dancing class or a salsa dancing class! In the article, the author also discusses the evolution of a dance in today’s society, as compared to how dance used to evolve and b
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