HDF 110 Lecture 1: HDF110 Discussion Board Week 1

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5 Dec 2019
The first part of your DBQ should be a short introductory paragraph about yourself.
Hello, my name is Olivia Pandola. Currently, I am a junior enrolled at CMU
studying Elementary Education. My focus is in Special Education, and I am
minoring in English as a Second Language!
Using the diversity wheel, share as much additional information about yourself as you
feel comfortable about sharing.
Regarding the center of the wheel-- right now, I am twenty years old and identify
as a white female. As for education, I have obtained my high school diploma
thus far, but plan to obtain my B.S., Masters, and doctorate someday in order to
go into teaching post-secondary students at the collegiate level. Physically, I
am 5’3” and one fourth, have “dirty blonde” hair, and hazel eyes.
Select one of the categories in the inner circle and imagine for a moment that your
membership in that particular group changed; select a category (inner circle) and write
down as many ways you can think of that your life might be different IF that one
characteristic was different.
For my category from the inner circle, I am going to choose age. Not only would
all of my peers view me as much older or younger (because I would be if that
changed), but I would have nothing in common with them anymore. Also, I
would be at the same age as either my students or my parents, which are both
two very different groups I cannot imagine myself fitting into as an equal.
Moreover, I would be at an extremely different point in my career path. From
here, I would either not have even decided to go into education yet, or I would
already be done obtaining my degrees (most likely-- depending on how old I am
in this scenario).
Comment 1: Somewhat Unknown Ethnicity” - Michael
Hi Michael! I’d like to respond to your comment where you mentioned your
ethnicity is somewhat unknown. I feel as though this happens much more
frequently than we think; there are constantly so many cultures blending
together, which has been going on since the beginning of time, so don’t feel bad
about not knowing the whole, complicated story. I relate to this myself and plan
to obtain a testing kit someday just so I can finally learn about my roots.
Comment 2: Who I am as person would be totally different too as I would have
different characteristics -Jade
Hi Jade! I’d like to respond to your comment on how if you changed genders,
your personality would completely switch. While I do agree with what you’re
saying in some aspect, I also think that gender only plays such a part in who we
are as an entire person. For example, your morals and beliefs-- despite what
you identify as-- are going to remain the same no matter male, female, or
otherwise, simply because that is what is in your heart and what you value!
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