MGF 1107 Lecture 5: Pre-Class Worksheet (5D) jonihaxhi

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Published on 18 Oct 2019
MGF 1107
Pre-Class Assignment 5D
Read through section 5D in your book and answer the following questions.
1) Why do you think someone might choose to use a multiple bar graph or multiple line
People might choose a multiple bar graph for the sole reason that it has two or more
sets of bars that allow the comparison between 2 or more sets of data. For qualitative
date the best choice is the bar graph and in cases of which data categories are
quantitative, a multiple line graph can be the best choice to use.
2) What sort of things do you need to pay attention to when looking at a graph?
You need to look for a lot of things but the most important ones that we should always
pay attention to, are 3.
1.Percption distortion (we become attached to the concept rather than seeing what is)
2.Watch the scales (we shouldn’t be tricked by not paying attention to such a simple
thing as scales)
3.Watch for percentage change (We should always look on the percentage and see by
how much it has changed throughout the years, month or whatever is shown in the
Compare the two graphs given below.
3) Explain why the original graph was misleading and needed to be corrected.
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