MGF 1107 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Metric System

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Published on 6 Nov 2019
Which system did you grow up with? Which do you think is
easier to understand? Do you think the US should convert
to the Metric system, why or why not?
I grew up since I was little with the metric system, because Albania, as it falls in Europe, has
adapted it since on it’s first steps independence. Until I came in here, in US, and even now I still
don’t know why they still apply on their daily uses, to feet or other specific measurements that
they have, like Fahrenheit, pounds etc. I think that the metric system is easier to understand
overall, just because of the fact that in most of the states this thing is already established, and we
are taught that since we are born, so it is easier for people all over the world to communicate by
those measurements. I think that the US together with Lyberia and Myanmar, should change
their own independent way of measuring things, and accept the Metric system already, because
after all if you join the majority, you will always have more benefits on certain things. All in all,
some good things that those measurements of US have, are that are special on their kind and also
have inherited their predecessors tradition since it’s creation. Right now, it would be hard to
change it all of a sudden, but if they do, it would make the world a better place in understanding
each other more, because every European person, has difficulties when introduced to them at
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