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Lecture 7

ANTH 2501 Lecture 7: ANTH 2501 – Feb11 Strathern and Mahmood Readings

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George Washington University
ANTH 2501
Attiya Ahmad

ANTH 2501 21116 Strathern: Awk relationship bw anth feminist studies Anth is a discipline and scholars and researchers have to work within that discipline Most universities have an anth dept. feminist studies is usually interdisciplinary and is usually a program. Share striking similarities o Developed dialogically o Anth > knowledge production. Interaction with subject o Feminists also develop knowledge dialogically but feminist scholars work is usually animated with recognition of their marginalization. Learn about gender hierarchy they are subject to Both focus on experiences for knowledge production o Feminist studies look for obfuscated experiences of marginalized subjects o Feminist studies define in contrast with the other which is patriarchy o Feminist scholar seeks to study the self through the recognition of the other Anth uses difference between the self the other as a basis to comprehend and document other sociocultural worlds and world views. Anth self is used a vehicle to represent the other Anth seeks to make familiar what is otherwise understood to be strange Both emphasize selfother difference o Fem studies seeks to identify difference in ways that makes it possible to consider things to account for womens interest. Malefemale distinction and opposition o Anth > difference is focused on other world views Underlying assumed universals in feminist studies Major point of contention is that gender hierarchies exist and they must be overcome o In anth gendered differences and hierarchies dont always hold across different social contexts Strathern questioning the this of patriarchy Our concept of patriarchy and hierarchies arent universal Even though subjects are produced differently in different societies, fem works and anth works assume a similar dynamic > that we want to be free and express resistance to the patriarchy
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