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Pennsylvania State University
COMM 100
Matt Mc Allister

I. FILM INDUSTRY A. The Start 1. To recap, the MPPC did not want the actors to be known, so they did not have credits to show their names. 2. After when nickelodeons were formed and made MPPC die out, a star system was born. 3. The star system was credit to show the credits for the actors in the films. 4. Mary Pickford was one of the first well-known actors. She starred in “The Pride of The Clan”. 5. Now, the audience can associate the actors with genres. Pickford was well known for old-fashioned movies. 6. The movies were in black and white. 7. The timing of the movies was a bit off. There were many jerky motions and scratchy. 8. There was only one camera angle. There were no zoom ins and outs, making movies very short, only using on reel of film. 9. The actors were very simplistic. Their actions were over-emphasized. 10. There were no credits or billings before or after the movie. B. The Majors and The Minors 1. Warner Bros, MGM, 20 Century Fox, Paramount, and RKO were the biggest studios at the start, so they were called “The Majors” 2. The Majors produced their own films. They were the early film industries that moved to CA early, bought a lot of new land and started to film. 3. The Majors also duplicated their own films and distributed the films to theaters all around the US, usually owning a theater. This is an example of vertical integration (owning all the categories, production, distribution, and exhibition). 4. The Majors used the star system and long-term contracts with the actors. 5. The Majors also used block-booking, which is when the Major Company goes to an independent theater and tells them that they can have one of the Major’s “A” pictures(highly know), but they have to also buy a lot of the Major’s “B” pictures (not well known, poorly made). 6. The Minors consisted of Universal, Disney, Columbia, UA. 7. In today’s world, we still have the Majors and the Minors, but they are ran completely different. II. THE FALL OF THE FILM INDUSTRY A. The Very Early
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