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Food Science & Technology
FST 10

Labeling ● Use of the seal is voluntary What is in the Label? 4 categories ● 100% Organic: all ingredients are organic ● Organic: means that at least 95% of content organic ● Made With Organic: at least 70% ingredients are organic ● If less than 70% of content is organic: No mention on the main panel. ● Organic ingredients may be listed under “ingredients”. what about the use of Hormones? ● Growth hormone Bovine somatotropin (BST), also called rBST ● Use the increase milk production in cows. Why are hormones sometimes used? Dairy industry ● To increase milk production rBST Beef industry ● To promote growth ● various hormones approved Is “natural” the same as organic? NO. Sustainability The “three pillars” of sustainability: ● environmental health ● social responsibilities ● economic profitability Principle: “we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations) Man is a food generalist: OMNIVORE ● Eats both plant and animal foods. Koala, Lion, River otter 1lb lb grain to produce 1lb of animal weight gain ● 1.5lb fish ● 2lb chicken ● 3lb pig ● 8lb cow Vegetarianism (Resurgence in the 1960s) ● 1971 book by Frances Moore LAPPE promoted vegetarianism, and ● focused on a responsible use of the Earth’s resources. ….. world hunger is due to lack of access to food, and not shortage of food. Why do people become vegetarians? ● religion ● health concerns ● ethical reasons ○ animal welfare ○ concerns about world hunger ● environmental reasons Vegetarianism ● (plain) vegetarians do not eat m
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