· 2. The initial fluid entering the kidney

o disperses into the interstitium of the kidney

o enters the small intestine for readsorption

o is collected by the capsule


· 8. Birth is triggered by

o interaction of maternal and fetal hormones

o interaction of fetal hormones

o interaction of maternal hormones

· 10. The zygote divides rapidly due to

o maternal hormones

o fetal hormones

o its large size

o implantation

· 17. the loop of Henle uses a combination of

o active and passive transport

o arteries and veins

o actin and myosin

o valves and smooth muscle

· 29. Substances initiall secreted are readsorbed in the

o proximal convoluted tubule

o distal convoluted tubule

o collecting duct

· 50. Most H20 taken in by plants is used for

o circulation

o respiration

o digestion

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