What is a condensed structure formula?

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There are different formulas by which a given hydrocarbon can be represented. A given hydrocarbon can be represented by:

1. Molecular formula

2. Structural formula

3. Line formula

4. Condensed formula

5. Lewis formula

Step: 1 Molecular formula is the simplest formula that gives information only about the number of atoms of each element present in the molecule. It does not give any information about the bonding between the atoms.

Step: 1 Representation of a molecule by showing all the atoms and bonding between them with lone pairs is called Lewis formula of the molecule.

Structural formula is similar to Lewis formula except that in structural formula lone pairs on the atoms are not shown.

Step: 3 Line formula is the shorthand notation in which bonds between the carbon atoms and carbon and hydrogen atoms are not shown.

Condensed formula is obtained from the line formula by clubbing together the repeating units.

The molecular formula of hexane is .

The line formula is.

The condensed formula is .


Similar problems:

Question 1:



What is a condensed structure formula for octane?

The molecular formula of octane is .

The line formula is.

The condensed formula is .


Question 2:

What is a condensed structure formula for pentane?

The molecular formula of pentane is .

The line formula is .

The condensed formula is .



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