18 May 2019

Question 2

  1. For any given expected inflation rate, short-run aggregate supply curves show the relationship between

    the money supply and growth rate of output.

    inflation and growth rate of output.

    production factors and wages.

    inflation and wages.

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Question 3

  1. Why is the SRAS curve steeper above its intersection with the Solow growth curve?

    Wages are stickier in the upward direction.

    Wages are less sticky in the upward direction.

    Lower inflation will lead to faster growth.

    Employees become less motivated to work during times of unexpected inflation.

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Question 4

  1. What factors triggered the Great Depression?

    decreased consumer spending and tight monetary policy

    decreased investment and increased inflation

    decreased employment and increased money supply

    decreased inflation and increased income taxes

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Question 5

  1. How might changes in the money supply be non-neutral in the short run?

    As the amount of money circulating in the economy changes before prices respond, consumers' purchases change accordingly, which leads producers to change production levels.

    When money supply changes in the short run, it will affect nominal, but not real, variables in the short run.

    As money growth increases at a faster rate, it will cause real GDP to grow at an equally faster rate.

    If producers expect inflation to increase, they will increase supply in order to sell before the arrival of inflation.

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Question 6

  1. For a given nominal interest rate, an increase in deflation will cause the real rate of interest to

    remain relatively constant.



    become unpredictable.

    Question 8

    Which of the three price indexes measures the average price level of the largest total number of goods?

    the consumer price index

    the GDP deflator

    the producer price index

    Each price index accomplishes the same task.

    The textbook uses the

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